Tim Swain

I am a change agent that seeks to help people become their best self. I do this through my passionate leadership and gifts. I am deeply passionate about empowering underrepresented communities and one of the ways I do that is through Anidaso 360, a non-profit organization that strives to revitalize disenfranchised communities. I also do this through educating others with practical and powerful seminars and life lessons. That’s where my workshops and seminars come in. The last way is the poetry, all these platforms are simply pathways to help reach the underrepresented and empower people to live out their best lives.

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I believe God has put me here to impact people’s lives through my leadership so I strive to do this by first and foremost leading by example. I deeply believe, “leaders teach what they know and reproduce who they are” (Myles Munroe). I strive to be the change I want to see in the world by mentoring, being a student of self-development and offering all these lessons in digestible and creative platforms like keynotes, poems, vlogs, and blogs.



As an educator I have a responsibility to teach others lessons that will help them avoid some of the mistakes I’ve made. Aside from actually having a masters degree in Education, I host seminars and workshops on various topics ranging from goal-setting and urban millennial lifestyle to faith, money, decision-making and relationships.

I also spend a bulk of my time educating people about intersections of their God identity and African identity. That’s where the organization Anidaso 360 comes in. I help mobilize groups of blacks (not just African-Americans) to help empower them with the understanding of who God has created them to be as God-people and black people. This is absolutely critical for me because someone educated me on this and it revolutionized my life. All this to say, I am a lifelong learner that strives to make life long by learning... #bars!



This is probably what I am most well-known for. I cannot describe what it feels like to translate the messages that God gives me into a creative work of art like a poem. I am creative in my expression and unintimidated by venturing to new boundaries to get a message across.

Aside from poetry I also act. This is why my performances are so powerful. It’s literally like I’m allowing audiences to step into my life and mind for a brief moment in time to feel, see, smell and hear what I hear when God is speaking to me. I have so many people tell me how they’ve never seen performances like mine and yet they are lost for words. I know this is all due to God’s gifts and grace, nevertheless I work hard to become as empty as possible to be a vessel when I’m on stage. It’s not about me. It’s about delivering a message to people with as little distractions as possible.

I simply want audiences to get raw, unapologetic emotion that’s indescribably impactful. I want them to walk away feeling like their lives have been rocked by something special. I want them to feel like God met them when they see me perform. I also have a book and cd that conveys various aspects of my artistry as well. Being an artist transformed my life and I want to use that to do the same for others.

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